How To Book -


All bookings can be made online. For general enquiries & Telephone Bookings.

Please call us between 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday  07391 904734.


Lancashire Canal Cruises

All our bookings are made online. Please see below a guide to booking a cruise :

1. Press 'Book Now' and scroll through to the required activity.

2. Select 'Date and Time'.

3. Enter the number of passengers in the 'Redeem Voucher tab or book and pay direct.

4. Once you have entered the number of seats (passengers) required scroll down and press the 'Continue' button. Please ignore the 'Discount code' box - this is an internal promotional code for our Gift Vouchers and not for Travel Zoo, Groupon or Wowcher.

5. Enter 'Guest Information' - one per booking. If you need more than one place then simply enter the information for the person keying the booking.

6. Please specifiy any 'Special Requirements'. For voucher details, we require the following details :

Groupon : Security code

Wowcher/Living Social : Voucher code (normally 12 digits)

TravelZoo : Voucher code and PIN

7. On the last page before you check out, you will see 'do you have a voucher' please ignore this as it is for internal vouchers only NOT external.

8. Once you have entered all relevant details click on 'Check Out'. You will receive an e-mail confimation.

We do not process vouchers until the day of your cruise so please remember to bring a hard copy of your voucher paid for as proof of purchase and not the email confirmation that we send you. *Please note that if a valid voucher code is not presented at the time of your cruise, you will be unable to travel.

If you have a voucher that is due to expire please contact your voucher provider for clarification. 

Thank you for your booking. We look forward to welcoming you very soon.


Departure Address: 

The Slipway, 48 Crabtree Lane,

Burscough, L40 0RN



Lancashire Canal Cruises